Why you should use Skin Ecoguard products


Skin Ecoguard products are  made out of 100% natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals that damage the environment are added. All Skin Ecoguard products are biodegradable that is why they protect coral reefs.


These natural ingredients won´t penetrate your skin causing allergies or cancer.


Our Sunblock Lotions contain mineral filters that reflect solar radiations. They will remain protecting your skin for two hours, even when swimming.


The whole molecule is applied, not nano size reduced particles that can be absorbed and get into your blood system and contaminate it.


Skin Ecoguard products contain grape seed oil, green tea extract and  Vitamin E, they all protect and regenerate your skin. The After Sun Lotion also contains Achiote, which is a plant used by the ancient Mayas to relief sunburned skin.


No artificial colorants or fragances are added, these are considered as dangerous substances.